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The Guilt of Janet Ames (Columbia 1947, Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas)



Years after her husband is killed in WWII from throwing himself on a live grenade, a woman (Russell) visits the five men in his unit that he saved. When she’s injured in an accident and suffers psychosomatic paralysis, one of her husband’s comrades (Douglas) treats her for hysteria. Under hypnosis, she’s able to come to terms with her husband’s death.

The fantasy The Guilt of Janet Ames marked the first film appearance by actor Melvyn Douglas after his three-year stint in the army. The film also marked the film debuts of actors Harry Von Zell and Betsy Blair.

production details
Country: USA | Columbia | 81 minutes
Release Year: 1947

Director: Henry Levin
Original Story: Lenore J. Coffee
Cinematography: Joseph Walker
Editor: Charles Nelson
Music: :George Duning, Doris Fisher, Allan Roberts, Morris Stoloff
Script: Devery Freeman, Louella MacFarlane, Allen Rivkin
Production Design: George Montgomery
Set Design: Frank A. Tuttle
Art Directors: Stephen Goosson, Walter Holscher

Nina Foch as Susie Pearson
Melvyn Douglas as Smithfield ‘Smitty’ Cobb
Sid Caesar as Sammy Weaver
Betsy Blair as Katie
Charles Cane as Walker
Frank Orth as Danny
Arthur Space as Nelson
Rosalind Russell as Janet Ames
Harry von Zell as Carter
Bruce Harper as Junior
Richard Benedict as Joe Burton