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Theatre of Death (Hammer 1967, Christopher Lee, Julian Glover)



The people of Paris are being terrified by a series of horrible murders. The bodies of three girls have been discovered each bearing traces of vampirism, and the police, headed by Inspector Michaud (Ivor Dean) are convinced that the killer will strike again. Helping the police unofficially is a young surgeon, Charles Marquis (Julian Glover), who also happens to be taking out Dani Gireaux (Lelia Goldoni), one of the leading actresses at the strange and sinister Theatre of Death.

production details
UK | Hammer | 91 minutes | 1967

Director: Samuel Gallu
Script: Ellis Kadison, Roger Marshall,

Christopher Lee as Philippe Darvas
Julian Glover as Charles Marquis
Lelia Goldoni as Dani Gireaux
Evelyn Laye as Madame Angelique
Jenny Till as Nicole Chapelle
Ivor Dean as Inspector Micheaud
Joseph Furst as Karl Schiller
Betty Woolfe as Colette
Leslie Handford as Joseph
Julie Mendez as Belly Dancer