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Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (Paramount 1969, Terry-Thomas, Tony Curtis)



The follow-up to Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) boasts an equally expansive international cast and expensive production. The story follows a 1920s automobile race that travels 1,500 miles to Monte Carlo.

The British team is the comedy duo of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, despite being hugely successful on British TV the pair were never quite able to translate their talents to the big screen – at least as a double act. Moore would of course become a major Hollywood star thanks to a lead role in Blake Edwards’ sex comedy 10.

UK Title was Monte Carlo or Bust.

production details
USA | Paramount | 122 minutes | 1969

Director: Ken Annakin
Producer: Ken Annakin
Cinematography: Bert Palmgren, Gabor Pogany, Walter Wottitz
Editor: Peter Taylor
Music: Ron Goodwin
Script: Ken Annakin, Jack Davies
Art Direction: Marc Frederix, Boris Jurga, Elven Webb

Bourvil as Monsieur Dupont
Mireille Darc as Marie-Claude
Terry-Thomas as Sir Cuthbert Ware-Armitage
Eric Sykes as Perkins
Tony Curtis as Chester Schofield
Gert Fröbe as Willi Schickel & Horst Muller
Susan Hampshire as Betty
Jack Hawkins as Count Levinovitch
Peer Schmidt as Otto
Lando Buzzanca as Marcello Agost
Walter Chiari as Angelo Pincelli
Peter Cook as Maj. Digby Dawlish
Marie Dubois as Pascale
Nicoletta Machiavelli as Dominique
Dudley Moore as Lt. Kit Barrington