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Three Days of the Condor (Paramount 1975, Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway)



Jaw-clenching suspense with Redford as a bookworm CIA employee in New York who comes back from lunch one day to discover that the entire staff at his office has been massacred. Paranoid and convinced that he’s still being targeted, he kidnaps Dunaway for a place to hide.

He tracks the killer as the killer tracks him, getting closer with each deadly near-miss. Eventually, with Dunaway’s help, Redford encounters the coolly efficient assassin (Von Sydow) and receives a warning: Never trust a smiling face offering a ride. Based on the novel Six Days of the Condor by James Grady.

Max Von Sydow, who plays the efficient assassin in Three Days of the Condor, is one of the great actors of international cinema, renowned, in particular, for his films with Ingmar Bergman, including The Seventh Seal (1956) and Shame (1968).

The original source novel is called Six Days of the Condor. 2018 saw a revival of the premise with a 10 part series simply called Condor.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Film Editing.

production details
Country: USA | Paramount | 118 minutes
Release Year: 1975

Director: Sydney Pollack
Producer: Stanley Schneider
Director of Photography: Owen Roizman
Editors: Don Guidice, Fredric Steinkamp
Composer: Dave Grusin
Screenwriters: David Rayfiel, Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Production Designer: Stephen B. Grimes

Robert Redford as Joseph Turner
Faye Dunaway as Kathy Hale
Cliff Robertson as J. Higgins
Max von Sydow as G. Joubert
Walter McGinn as Sam Barber
Addison Powell as Leonard Atwood
John Houseman as Mr. Wabash
Michael Kane as S.W. Wicks
Tina Chen as Janice Chon
John Randolph Jones as Beefy Man
Don McHenry as Dr. Ferdinand Lappe
Jess Osuna as The Major
Dino Narizzano as
Helen Stenborg as Mrs. Edwina Russell (as Helen Stenbure)
Patrick Gorman as Martin
Hansford Rowe as Jennings (as Hansford H. Rowe Jr.) (as Hansford Rolle)
Carlin Glynn as Mae Barber (as Carlin Gylnn)
Hank Garrett as Mailman
Michael Miller as Fowler

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