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Three Faces West (Republic 1940, John Wayne, Charles Coburn)



In Three Faces West, an original blend of Western melodrama and anti-Nazi moralizing, an Austrian refugee doctor (Charles Coburn) helps John Wayne aid a group of Dust Bowl farmers who are struggling to survive in the Pacific Northwest. Wayne romances the doctor’s daughter, Sigrid Gurie, who pines for her lost Austrian love.

Bernard Vorhaus, director of Three Faces West, was later blacklisted. Ironically, the films star, John Wayne, was a ringleader of the blacklist as president of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals.

production details
USA | Republic | 79 minutes | 1940

Director: Bernard Vorhaus
Script: F. Hugh Herbert, Samuel Ornitz, Joseph Moncure March,

John Wayne as John Phillips
Francis Ford as Farmer Bill, with Higgins
Stuart Holmes as Extra Farmer at Meeting
Jack Montgomery as Joe–Farmer
Byron Foulger as Joe Stebbins
Bill Wolfe as Farmer Driving to Oregon
Charles Coburn as Dr. Karl Braun
Trevor Bardette as Clem Higgins
Hank Patterson as Pool Player
Wolfgang Zilzer as Dr. Rudolf Preussner
Rose Plumer as White Haired Farmer’s Wife
Hugh Chapman as Boy
Ted Stanhope as Farmer
Darwood Kaye as Boy Patient Sitting in Chair
Dewey Robinson as Bartender
Spencer Charters as Dr. ‘Nunk’ Atterbury
Jim Corey as Churchgoer
Sigrid Gurie as Leni ‘Lenchen’ Braun
Helen MacKellar as Mrs. Welles
Roland Varno as Dr. Eric Von Scherer
Sonny Bupp as Billy Welles
Wade Boteler as Mr. Harris, Department of Agriculture Official
Russell Simpson as Minister
Charles Waldron as Dr. William Thorpe
Wendell Niles as Man-on-the-Street Radio Announcer
Frank Brownlee as Bill–Farmer
Bob Burns as Farmer
Horace B. Carpenter as White-Haired Farmer in Oregon
Calvin Ellison as Boy
Douglas Evans as ‘We the People’ Radio MC
Mary Field as Mrs. Stebbins
Si Jenks as Train Conductor
Gretchen Kisker as Girl
Lola Milliorn as Girl
Arthur Millett as Farmer
Bill Nestell as Farmer
Manuel París as Refugee Doctor
Victor Potel as Postman
John Sheehan as Man Asking When Wedding Will Be
Frederick Vogeding as Herr Schmidt, Eric’s Assistant