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Thunder Alley (1967, Fabian, Annette Funicello)



In Thunder Alley former songster Fabian portrays a stock-car daredevil, banished from the circuit and forced to earn a living as a circus stunt-driver, when his blackouts accidentally cause another competitor’s death.

Frustrated, Fabian decides to train the boyfriend of the circus owner’s daughter in the intricacies of stock-racing, and the boyfriend surprisingly becomes a success in his own right. Mentor and tutor rivalries flare when Fabian’s gold-digger former girlfriend reappears to drive a wedge between them, but both drivers reconcile for a climactic race.

Thunder Alley star Annette Funicello was arguably the most popular original member of TV’s The Mickey Mouse Club (1955-57), receiving a majority of its fan-mail. Noticing her feminine attributes rapidly blooming though, Walt Disney tactfully phased her out of the show.

production details
USA | 90 minutes | 1967

Director: Richard Rush
Script: Sy Salkowitz,

Fabian as Tommy Callahan
Stanley Adams as Mac Lunsford
Annette Funicello as Francie Madsen
Diane McBain as Annie Blaine
Warren Berlinger as Eddie Sands
Jan Murray as Pete Madsen