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Tongan Ninja (2002, Jemaine Clement, Sam Manu)



Tongan Ninja is a comedy send up of the martial arts genre including having the whole thing post sync dubbed to give it that authentic chop sockey feel.

Sam Manu stars as the eponymouos Tongan Ninja Sloane, after being brought up to follow the ways of the Ninja Sloane travels to New Zealand to help Miss Lee defend her restaurant from the machinations of the evil Mr Big and his henchmen Knife Man (he’s good with knives), Gun Man (he’s good with guns), Hench Man (he’s good with henches – you get the picture).

Opening with a fantastic James Bond style credit sequence with an Elvis Impersonator singing the story of Tongan Ninja and featuring various muscial interludes throughout the movie as well as dream sequences and video game style introductions of the chief villains.

Defiantly low budget Tongan Ninja, which is written by and co-stars Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement as well as the voice of Taika Waititi, takes all of the cliches of the chop sockey genre and cleverly subverts them to wildly funny effect.

production details
Jemaine Clement as Action Fighter (Marvin)
Sam Manu as Tongan Ninja (Sione Finau)
Linda Tseng as Miss Lee
Raybon Kan as Asian Sidekick
David Fane as Herman the Henchman
Victor Rodger as Mr. Big
Taika Waititi as Graham (voice)
Jed Brophy as Bank Manager

Director: Jason Stutter
Writers: Jemaine Clement, Jason Stutter

New Zealand | 83 minutes | 2002