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Tonight and Every Night (Columbia 1945, Rita Hayworth, Shelley Winters)



Based on the real heroism of London’s Windmill Theatre, unique musical Tonight and Every Night depicts a theater that believes the show must go on despite the bombs raining down during the Blitz. Rita Hayworth charms RAF pilot Lee Bowman, and song-and-dance team Janet Blair and Marc Platt fall in love but meet a tragic end.

In an early film appearance, Shelley Winters plays Bubbles, a chorine. Winters made her film debut in 1943 and had an uncredited role in another Hayworth musical, Cover Girl (1944).

The Styne and Sammy Cahn songs include ‘Cry and You Cry Alone,’ ‘Anywhere,’ and ‘The Boy I Left Behind.’

Academy Award Nominations: Best Song (‘Anywhere’); Best Score.

production details
USA | Columbia | 92 minutes | 1945
Director: Victor Saville
Script: Lesley Storm, Lesser Samuels, Abem Finkel,

Shelley Winters as Bubbles (uncredited)
Billy Bevan as Cabbie (uncredited)
Rita Hayworth as Rosalind Bruce
Lee Bowman as Squadron Leader Paul Lundy
Janet Blair as Judy Kane
Marc Platt as Tommy Lawson
Leslie Brooks as Angela
Professor Lamberti as Fred (The Great Waldo)
Dusty Anderson as Toni
Stephen Crane as Observer Leslie Wiggins
Jim Bannon as Life Photographer
Florence Bates as May Tolliver
Ernest Cossart as Sam Royc
Richard Haydn as Specialty
Philip Merivale as Reverend Gerald Lundy
Patrick O’Moore as David Long
Ann Codee as Annette (uncredited)
Aminta Dyne as Mrs. Peabody (uncredited)
P.J. Kelly as A.R.P. Man (uncredited)
Nelson Leigh as British Army Officer (uncredited)
Charles McNaughton as Peters (uncredited)
C. Montague Shaw as Old Bobby (uncredited)
Robert Williams as Chief Petty Officer (uncredited)