Trail to Hope Rose, The (2004, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lee Majors)



In this epic western Lou Diamond Phillips stars as half-Indian outlaw Keenan Deerfield, newly released from prison. Determined to go straight, he takes a rock-mining job in a town run by the Drigger family, headed by patriarch Samuel Drigger (Warren Stevens), but realises the work is little more than slavery and those that complain meet an ‘accident’.

Biding his time, Deerfield waits for the right moment to seek justice, helped by the town’s honest but ineffectual sheriff (Lee Majors) and a local farmer (Ernest Borgnine). But his plans are thrown into confusion when he first falls for one of the brutal foreman’s women (Marina Black) and then has to face down an attempted robbery of the mine’s payroll. The look of David S Cass Sr’s made-for-TV film is enhanced by being shot on Paramount Ranch, a superbly re-constructed western town in California.

production details
US | 120 minutes | 2004
Director: David S. Cass Sr.
Script: Kevin Cutts,

Marina Black as Christine Beckford
Tom Everett as Henry Stough
Warren Stevens as Samuel Drigger
Buck Taylor as Parson Brown
Casey Sander as Richard Johnson
Lou Diamond Phillips as Keenan Deerfield
Ernest Borgnine as Eugene
Lee Majors as Marshall Toll
Richard Tyson as Gerald Ruthledge
Jonathan Murphy as Jack Lester
David Shackelford as A.J. Foster
Paul Hewitt as Roy Drigger
Tracey Walter as Doc
Spencer Redford as Charmaine Stough
Jenny Sullivan as Mrs. Stough
Martin Papazian as Durham
Dennis Fitzgerald as Sampson
Jacleen Haber as Francine

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