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Trouble In The Glen (Republic 1954, Margaret Lockwood, Orson Welles)



Herbert Wilcox’s film, shot in garish “Trucolour” stars Forrest Tucker as Jim Lansing, an ex-WWII American pilot who returns to Scotland after falling in love with it during his overseas posting. But he finds absentee landlord Sanin Cejador y Mengues (Orson Welles) has installed himself as Laird and his high-handed actions have angered the locals.

Trying to broker a peace, Tucker finds himself caught up in a new conflict, softened only by the affectionate attentions of Cejador y Mengues’s daughter, Marissa (Margaret Lockwood).

The film followed on America’s appetite for all things Celtic with the success of The Quiet Man two years earlier, made by the same studio, Republic.

production details
UK / Republic – Wilcox Neagle / 91 minutes / 1954

Writer: Frank S. Nugent from the novel by Maurice Walsh
Cinematography: Max Green
Music: Victor Young
Producer: Stuart Robertson
Director: Herbert Wilcox

John McCallum as Malcolm
Orson Welles as Sanin Cejador y Mengues
Margaret Lockwood as Marissa Mengues
Eddie Byrne as Dinny Sullivan
Forrest Tucker as Maj. Jim ‘Lance’ Lansing
Victor McLaglen as Parlan
Archie Duncan as Nolly Dukes