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Under Two Flags (TCF 1936, Ronald Colman, Claudette Colbert)



Ronald Colman gives a dashing performance as a British gentleman who vanishes (with his valet) into the French Foreign Legion after taking the rap for a murder he didn’t commit. At the desert outpost, he attracts the attention of Claudette Colbert, who throws herself at the handsome soldier. Colman also attracts the unwelcome attention of Victor McLaglen, his commander and Colbert’s former flame. Though Colman jilts her for an English lady (Rosalind Russell), Colbert comes to his rescue in the desert. Theda Bara played the Colbert role in a silent-screen version.

Under Two Flags features the screen debut of Hungarian born J. Edward Bromberg. Bromberg is often remembered as the villain in films like Jesse James (1939), The Return of Frank James (1940) and The Mark of Zorro (1940).

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 98 minutes | 1936

Directors: Otto Brower, Frank Lloyd
Producer: Raymond Griffith, Darryl F. Zanuck
Original Story: Ouida
Cinematography: Ernest Palmer
Editor: Ralph Dietrich
Music: Louis Silvers
Script: Walter Ferris, W.P. Lipscomb
Production Design: William S. Darling

John George as Arab (uncredited)
Herbert Mundin as Rake
Ronald Colman as Sgt. Victor
John Carradine as Cafard
Gregory Ratoff as Ivan
Claudette Colbert as Cigarette
Victor McLaglen as J.C. Doyle
Rosalind Russell as Lady Venetia Cunningham
Nigel Bruce as Capt. Menzies
C. Henry Gordon as Lieutenant Petaine
Frank Reicher as French General