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Unforgettable (1996, Ray Liotta, Linda Fiorentino)



When he is unsuccessfully framed for his wife’s murder, forensic scientist Dr David Krane (Ray Liotta) attempts to find the real culprit but is dogged by a history of alcoholism, a career crisis and the intervention of police officers who may know more about the murder than they admit to. When he meets neuro-biologist Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino), he is introduced to a new drug that allows him to experience other people’s memories first-hand and volunteers as a guinea pig, thus taking him closer to the identity of the killer. This thriller was the second teaming of director John Dahl with star Linda Fiorentino after The Last Seduction .

production details
US | 106 minutes | 1996

Director: John Dahl
Script: Bill Geddie

Ray Liotta as Dr. David Krane
Linda Fiorentino as Dr. Martha Briggs
Peter Coyote as Don Bresler
Christopher McDonald as Stewart Gleick
David Paymer as Curtis Avery
Duncan Fraser as Michael Stratton
Colleen Rennison as Lindy Krane
Caroline Elliott as Cara Crane
Stellina Rusich as Mary Krane
Kim Cattrall as Kelly