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Unhinged (2020, Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius)



A divorced mother honks impatiently at a deranged middle-aged stranger at a red light while running late on her way to work. His road rage escalates to horrifyingly psychotic proportions as he becomes single-mindedly determined to teach her a deadly lesson for provoking him.


Russell Crowe (The Man), Caren Pistorius (Rachel), Gabriel Bateman (Kyle), Anne Leighton (Deborah Haskell), Jimmi Simpson (Andy), Austin P. McKenzie (Fred), Michael Papajohn (Cop), Sylvia Grace Crim (Teacher), Lucy Faust (Rosie), Stephen Louis Grush (Leo), Gregory Hobson (Patron), Devyn A. Tyler (Mrs. Ayers), Samantha Beaulieu (Cashier), Gretchen Koerner (Neighbor), Brett Smrz (Homeless Man), Michael Randall (Diner Patron), Juliene Joyner (Mary), Vivian Fleming-Alvarez (Officer #1), Deven MacNair (Woman-Man’s Wife), Elton LeBlanc (Driver), Cynthia LeBlanc (School Crossing Guard), Donna DuPlantier (Psychologist (On TV)), Tim Bell (Man 2), Calvin Williams (Driver), Scheryl W Brown (Woman in Street), Kevin Howard (Cali Kev), Timothy Hinrichs (Driver), Richard Burden (Freeway Cop),


Director: Derrick Borte

US / 90 minutes / 2020