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Upon This Rock (1970, Dirk Bogarde, Orson Welles)



Upon This Rock was a drama describing the story of the building of Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican, Rome.

Originally planned to be a TV Movie but graduated to a feature release after the project attracted some big names, including Orson Welles, Ralph Richardson and Dirk Bogarde. Although at the insistence of the Vatican none of these were allowed to wear costumes or make up. Instead appearing in modern dress and reading from various works of the figures portrayed. Apparently filming took place after 6pm each day once the Basilica was closed for the day.

The movie received it’s world premiere at the 1970 Venice Film Festival on the 28 August.

production details
USA | 90 minutes | 1970

Writer and Director: Harry Rasky

Dirk Bogarde as Bonnie Prince Charlie (voice)
Edith Evans as Queen Christina (voice)
Ralph Richardson as Himself (Narrator)
Orson Welles as Michelangelo (voice)