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Valentine (2001, Denise Richards, David Boreanaz)



It’s 1988 and time for the high school dance, where the class nerd is ritually humiliated by the girls he asks to dance. And when he eventually gets lucky, the girl (Dorothy Wheeler), to save face, accuses him of attacking her. Given a savage beating and then institutionalised, the others forget about him… Thirteen years later and the girls, now young women, start receiving Valentine cards that, rather than promising undying love, promise simply death. The boy they rejected is free and has had plastic surgery; now he could be any friend, any stranger…

Blanks, who made the superior Urban Legend , scores again with this edge-of-seat slasher movie. Among the cast are Denise Richards, of James Bond, Wild Things and Starship Troopers fame, David Boreanaz from Angel as the boyfriend of Marley Shelton (Grand Theft Parsons), the one girl who let the nerd down nicely, and Jessica Capshaw from Minority Report. There are red herrings galore and, as the body count rises, so the identity of the killer, who wears a Cupid mask and clutches a large knife, becomes obvious… or does it?

production details
US | 96 minutes | 2001

Director: Jamie Blanks
Script: Tom Savage, Donna Powers, Aaron Harberts, Wayne Powers, Gretchen J. Berg,

Denise Richards as Paige Prescott
David Boreanaz as Adam Carr
Marley Shelton as Kate Davies
Jessica Capshaw as Dorothy Wheeler
Jessica Cauffiel as Lily Voight
Katherine Heigl as Shelley Fisher
Hedy Burress as Ruthie Walker
Fulvio Cecere as Detective Leon Vaughn
Daniel Cosgrove as Campbell Morris
Johnny Whitworth as Max Raimi
Woody Jeffreys as Brian
Adam Harrington as Jason Marquette
Claude Duhamel as Gary Taylor
Wyatt Page as Evan Wheeler
Benita Ha as Kim Wheeler
Paul Magel as Lance
Haig Sutherland as Bookish Guy
Adrian Holmes as Banker
Ty Olsson as Jock
Daniel Boileau as Shy Guy
Noel Fisher as Tulga Gang Member #1
G. Patrick Currie as Religious Guy
Jo-Ann Fernandes as Maid