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Verdict, The (1982, Paul Newman, Jack Warden)



Paul Newman turns in a stunning performance in this atmospheric courtroom thriller as Frank Galvin, a struggling alcoholic lawyer with a past littered with lost jobs and a divorce. Lonely and spending most of his time making friends with beer and whisky, his future looks a bleak prospect, until lawyer friend Jack Warden puts some work his way. What initially seems like an open and shut case regarding medical malpractice turns into Galvin’s one-man battle to rediscover his dignity.

Despite the somewhat obvious nature of the plot, the film is lifted by Mamet’s screenplay but most of all by Newman’s performance, delivered with the effortless ease of a true great who can transcend ‘acting’ at will. In addition, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden James Mason and Milo O’Shea provide sterling support in a true ensemble cast.

production details
USA | 129 minutes | 1982

Director: Sidney Lumet
Script: David Mamet Barry Reed

Paul Newman as Frank Galvin
Jack Warden as Mickey Morrissey
James Mason as Ed Concannon
Charlotte Rampling as Laura Fischer
Milo O’Shea as Judge Hoyle
Roxanne Hart as Sally Doneghy
James Handy as Kevin Doneghy
Edward Binns as Bishop Brophy
Joe Seneca as Dr. Thompson
Julie Bovasso as Maureen Rooney
Wesley Addy as Dr. Towler
Lindsay Crouse as Kaitlin Costello
Kent Broadhurst as Joseph Alito
Lewis J. Stadlen as Dr. Gruber
Colin Stinton as Billy
Bruce Willis as Courtroom Observer
Tobin Bell as Courtroom Observer