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Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (TCF 1952, David Wayne)



David Wayne plays a barber desperately clinging to the simple ways of rural, small-town life who finds his marriage on the rocks when his wife, Peters, who longs for the bright lights of the big city, takes a lover and abandons him. Nothing that happens to him, including the death of his estranged wife, raising their kids on his own, his son’s eventual violent demise as a mobster, or the loss of his barbershop to fire, ever shakes his belief in his way of life. Wayne turns in a fine performance, aging half a century during the film.

Critic Clive Denton called Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie a ‘virtually unknown minor masterpiece of nostalgia.’

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 108 minutes | 1952

Director: Henry King
Producer: George Jessel
Original Story: Ferdinand Reyher
Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy
Editing: Barbara McLean
Music:Alfred Newman
Script: Allan Scott, Maxwell Shane
Art Direction: Maurice Ransford, Lyle Wheeler

Bill Walker as Robert Waverly Ferris aka Trooper
Albert Dekker as Lloyd Slocum
Hugh Marlowe as Ed Jordan
Alan Hale Jr. as George Oliphant
David Wayne as Ben Halper
Jean Peters as Nellie Halper
Helene Stanley as Eadie Jordan
Tommy Morton as Benny Halper Jr.
Joyce Mackenzie as Bessie Jordan
Richard Karlan as Mike Kava