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Watch Your Stern (1960, Eric Barker, Leslie Phillips)



The team responsible for the Carry On series is up to its profitable larks again with Watch Your Stern ,’ wrote Variety of this Peter Rogers-produced farce. The laughs were provided by many of the regulars of the Carry On comedies. The film’s slick and inventive comedy screenplay was co-written by Alan Hackney (author of Private’s Progress ) and Vivian A Cox and based on Earle Couttie’s Something about a Sailor .

Navy Captain Foster (Eric Barker) and Lt Commander Fanshawe (Leslie Phillips) discover that the plans of a top-secret torpedo have unfortunately been destroyed by accident-prone seaman Blissworth (Kenneth Connor). In order to deceive Admiral Sir Humphrey Pettigrew (Noel Purcell) and prevent him learning about the destruction of the plans, Blissworth has to pose as a Scottish scientist and, later, as an Admiralty designer. Both deceptions serve their purpose until the real designer, Agatha Potter (Hattie Jacques), turns up on the scene and Blissworth is forced to assist her. Blissworth manages to retrieve duplicate plans from a visiting American officer but the torpedo again goes wrong and Blissworth, Fanshawe and Foster are stumped.

Gerald Thomas, who directed all the Carry On comedies, handled the film with his usual no-nonsense fast-paced approach to the bright comedy, with very entertaining results. ‘Acting is on a first class farcical level’, enthused Variety.

production details
UK | 90 minutes | 1960

Director: Gerald Thomas
Writers: Alan Hackney, Vivian A Cox, from the play Something about a Sailor by Earle Couttie

Kenneth Connor as Ordinary Seaman Blissworth
Eric Barker as Capt. David Foster
Leslie Phillips as Lt. Cmdr. Bill Fanshawe
Joan Sims as Ann Foster
Noel Purcell as Adm. Sir Humphrey Pettigrew
Hattie Jacques as Agatha Potter
Spike Milligan as Ranjid – Civilian electrician #1
Eric Sykes as Civilian electrician #2
Sid James as Chief Petty Officer Mundy
David Lodge as Security sergeant
Victor Maddern as Sailor fishing for bike
Ed Devereaux as Cmdr. Phillips
Robin Ray as Flag lieutenant
George Street as Second Security Guard
Peter Howell as Admiral’s secretary
Peter Byrne as Sailor