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Wedding Planner, The (2001, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey)



Aside from the magnificent Out of Sight, J-Lo has forged a career on fairy tale whimsy such as Maid in Manhattan and this slight but enjoyable romcom that makes use of her comic skills while not demanding too much of its audience. Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is the best in the business, co-ordinating society weddings with unparalleled success, and is about to become a partner in the company.

She has just two obstacles to manage: the imminent wedding of millionaire businesswoman Fran Donnolly (Bridgette Wilson), and her father’s unrelenting pressure to get herself hitched to Massimo (Justin Chambers). But a chance meeting with Dr Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey) turns Mary’s life upside down as they are strongly and instantly attracted to each other.

But there’s a problem: his imminent marriage to a certain Ms Donnolly. Compromised beyond belief, Mary gets drunk and bumps into an old flame. When he says that they should rekindle their affair it seems the perfect escape, but things are never that simple…

Like its stablemates My Best Friend’s Wedding and Runaway Bride, this energetic comedy relies on the mania of its heroine’s dilemma to captivate a crowd. While she lacks Julia Roberts’ timing, Lopez offers a mannered performance which makes her likeable in a world populated by venal cretins.

production details
USA | 103 minutes | 2001

Director: Adam Shankman
Script: Pamela Falk, Michael Ellis,

Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore
Matthew McConaughey as Steve Edison
Justin Chambers as Massimo
Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Donolly
Lou Myers as Burt Weinberg
Kathy Najimy as Geri
Charles Kimbrough as Mr. Donolly
Judy Greer as Penny
Bridgette Wilson as Fran Donolly
Alex Rocco as Salvatore
Kevin Pollak as Dr. John Dojny
Fred Willard as Basil St. Mosely
Frances Bay as Dottie
Philip Pavel as Benton
Fabiana Udenio as Anna Bosco
Susan Mosher as Frieda
Natalia Safran as Crying Bride