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Whistle Blower, The (Hemdale 1987, Michael Caine, Nigel Havers)



This British spy thriller stars Michael Caine as Frank Jones, a patriotic Korean War veteran settled into a quiet, ordinary life as an office supplies salesman. Frank’s beloved son Bob (Nigel Havers), who works as a Russian translator for the government, has grown disillusioned with the secrecy and mistrust in the intelligence business and wants out. He dies in a mysterious accident after several of his colleagues are accused of spying for the Soviets. As Frank investigates what happened, he uncovers a conspiracy that leads him to gradually lose faith in the government and his country. The film is the feature debut for director Simon Langton.

The Whistle Blower came out around the same time as the book Spy Catcher, by former British spy Peter Wright, in which he alleged that an intelligence boss was a Soviet spy. The government tried to suppress media attention about the book.

production details
UK / Hemdale Film Corporation / 100 minutes / 1987

Director: Simon Langton
Producer: Geoffrey Reeve
Original Story: John Hale
Director of Photography: Fred Tammes
Editor: Bob Morgan
Music: John Scott
Script: Julian Bond
Production Design: Morley Smith

Michael Caine as Frank Jones
Nigel Havers as Robert “Bob” Jones
John Gielgud as Sir Adrian Chappie
Felicity Dean as Cynthia Goodburn
Barry Foster as Charles Grieg
Kenneth Colley as Bill Pickett
Trevor Cooper as Insp. Bourne
David Langton as Govt Minister
Gordon Jackson as Bruce
James Fox as Lord
Bill Wallis as Ramsey Dodgson
Andy Bradford as Prison Officer
Dinah Stabb as Rose
James Simmons as Mark
Katherine Reeve as Tiffany Goodburn
Peter Miles as Stephen Kedge
Susan Porrett as Security Officer
Gregory Floy as Coroner’s Officer
Joe Dunlop as Policeman
Arturo Venegas as Alex
Peter Mackriel as Flecker
Doyle Richmond as American Interrogator
Carmel Cryan as Frank’s Secretary
Renny Krupinski as Contact Prisoner
Ralph Nossek as Make-Up Man
David Shaughnessy as Medical Officer
Patrick Holt as Irate Driver
Julian Battersby as Doctor
John Gill as Clergyman
David Telfer as Ticket Collector
Sevilla Delofski as Russian Woman