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Who Was That Lady? (Columbia 1960, Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis)



In Who Was That Lady? Janet Leigh catches her husband, Tony Curtis, a Columbia University professor, kissing one of his students and prepares for divorce. Turning to his friend Dean Martin for advice, the men concoct a tale that he’s an F.B.I. agent on undercover duty and that the kiss was part of his cover. Leigh believes the story – but she’s not the only one. The farce continues with Russian spies, TV news crews, U.S. agents all chasing each other until a truth serum reveals the romantic escapades that led to espionage.

While making the spy spoof Janet Leigh was injured in a scene in which she was to pour a bucket of water on Tony Curtis. Leigh slipped on the wet floor and sustained cuts and bruises from an iron grate.

production details
USA | Columbia | 115 minutes | 1960

Director: George Sidney
Producer: Norman Krasna
Cinematography: Harry Stradling
Editor: Viola Lawrence
Music: Andre Previn

Joi Lansing as Florence Coogle
Tony Curtis as David Wilson
Janet Leigh as Ann Wilson
Barbara Nichols as Gloria Coogle
Simon Oakland as Belka
Dean Martin as Michael Haney
James Whitmore as Harry Powell
John McIntire as Bob Doyle
Larry Keating as Parker
Larry Storch as Orenov
Barbara Hines as Foreign Exchange Student
Marion Javits as Miss Mellish
Mike Lane as Glinka (as Michael Lane)
Larri Thomas as Girl