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Without Reservations (RKO 1946, John Wayne, Claudette Colbert)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In Without Reservations John Wayne steps into Clark Gable’s shoes and walks the unfamiliar terrain of light romantic comedy as novelist Claudette Colbert becomes convinced that he’s the right man for the lead in the movie of her latest book.

Marine Wayne and his buddy Don Defore are heading to San Diego to report for duty; Colbert’s on her way to Hollywood. She hides her identity and pals around with the fliers through mishaps, jailings, and the stirrings of romance.

The movie is filled with uncredited cameos, including Cary Grant, Ruth Roman, Jack Benny and even director Mervyn LeRoy dining with Kit (Claudette Colbert).

production details
USA | RKO | 107 minutes | 1946
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Script: Jane Allen, Mae Livingston, Andrew Solt,

John Wayne as Rusty Thomas
Thurston Hall as Henry Baldwin
Ian Wolfe as Charlie Gibbs
Erskine Sanford as Timothy Helgelander
Frank Wilcox as Studio Jr. Executive
Marvin Miller as Radio Announcer
Joel Fluellen as Train Waiter
Raymond Burr as Paul Gill
Cy Kendall as Bail Bondsman
Frank Puglia as Ortega
Cary Grant as Cary Grant (uncredited)
Claudette Colbert as Kit Madden
Don DeFore as Dink Watson
Anne Triola as Connie Callaghan
Dona Drake as Dolores Ortega
Lela Bliss as Bertha Randall
Harry Hayden as Harry Randall
Charles Evans as Philip Jerome
Sam McDaniel as Train Waiter
Louella Parsons as Louella Parsons
William Benedict as Telegraph Delivery Boy
Esther Howard as Sarah