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Wolf (Columbia 1994, Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer)



In this updating of the classic werewolf tale, Jack Nicholdon stars as Will Randall, a Manhattan book editor haunted by fears of losing his job. Driving absently along a remote country road one snowy Sunday night, he’s he’s forced to slam on his brakes as a dark figure looms for an instant – there is a jolt, and his car skids off to the side of the road. He emerges, cautiously, and follows a thin tail of blood which leads through the snow to a great dark wolf. Will can’t see it at first, but the beast is alive. As it rises to escape into the night, it bites him on the wrist.

At work, Will is suffering under new boss Raymond Alden (Christopher Plummer), who has bought the publishing house. Alden has given Will’s job to up-and-coming protegé Stewart Swinton (James Spader) and offered Will a humiliating demotion. This situation is made worse when Will smells the scent of another man on his wife Charlotte (Kate Nelligan) and discovers that this man is none other than Swinton.

Although Will has almost forgotten about what happened when he was bitten, he discovers that his senses have become incredibly acute and that he is turning into a corporate predator – willing to take out anyone in his pursuit of power. Finally, he takes up with Alden’s rebellious daughter Laura (Michelle Pfeiffer). Unfortunately, Will’s new-found lupine powers have come to him at a price. His senses and his confidence have to be paid for at the full moon when he goes out to hunt for human victims. This becomes a matter of horror when Charlotte is slaughtered – apparently by a crazed wild animal. Will has told Laura about what has happened to him and terrified, she begins to believe him. Any doubt turns to screaming fear as Will begins to transform into his wolf-state in front of her and she locks him in a barn and runs for help. It is only then that she discovers that Will is not the only wolf-man in town….

production details
USA | Columbia | 125 minutes | 1994

Director: Mike Nichols

Writers: Wesley Strick, Jim Harrison


Michelle Pfeiffer as Laura

David Hyde Pierce as Roy

Eileen Atkins as Mary

Christopher Plummer as Raymond Alden

Allison Janney as Party Guest

Prunella Scales as Maude

James Spader as Stewart Swinton

Ron Rifkin as Doctor

Jack Nicholson as Will Randall

Kate Nelligan as Charlotte Randall

Richard Jenkins as Detective Bridger

Om Puri as Dr. Vijay Alezais

Brian Markinson as Detective Wade

Peter Gerety as George

David Schwimmer as Cop

Irene Cagen as Office Worker