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Woman’s World (TCF 1954, June Allyson, Lauren Bacall)



In Woman’s World each of three women (Lauren Bacall, June Allyson, and Arlene Dahl) uses a different facet of feminine wiles and graces to help their husbands when an auto executive searching for a general manager makes his decision based on his impression of their wives. The right man gets the job despite being with the wrong woman. Interesting glimpse at social roles of the mid-’50s, with smart direction by Jean Negulesco.

Alan Reed, who plays Tomaso the restaurant owner in the movie is best known for his voice work as patriarch Fred in the animated series The Flintstones.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 94 minutes | 1954

Director: Jean Negulesco
Script: Howard Lindsay, Mary Loos, Richard Sale, Mona Williams, Claude Binyon, Russel Crouse,

Fred MacMurray as Sid Burns
Arthur Tovey as Executive Reception Guest
Bert Stevens as Doorman
George E. Stone as Executive Reception Guest
Clifton Webb as Ernest Gifford
June Allyson as Katie Baxter
Cornel Wilde as Bill Baxter
Lauren Bacall as Elizabeth Burns
Van Heflin as Jerry Talbot
Arlene Dahl as Carol Talbot
Elliott Reid as Tony Andrews
Margalo Gillmore as Mrs. Evelyn Andrews
Alan Reed as Tomaso
David Hoffman as Jabernowski
William H. O’Brien as Servant