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World Is Yours, The (2018, Karim Leklou, Isabelle Adjani)



In French drama The World Is Yours, François is tired of being a petty drug dealer: his dream is to settle down and set up a Mr Freeze’s ice lolly franchise in Morocco and is counting on the money he earned while dealing, which his mother is supposed to have hidden away for him.

But unfortunately, she has gambled it all away. He is then forced to go back to a life of crime and, together with a friend and his ex, agrees to one last deal to get his plans back on track…

production details
FR | 94 minutes | 2018

Director: Romain Gavras
Script: Romain Gavras Karim Boukercha Noé Debré

Karim Leklou as François
Isabelle Adjani as Danny
Vincent Cassel as Henri
Oulaya Amamra as Lamya
François Damiens as René
Philippe Katerine as Vincent
Norbert Ferrer as M. Lhermitte
Sam Spruell as Bruce
Gabby Rose as Brittany
Sofian Khammes as Putin
Ousmane Ly as Zaïrois
John Landis as Homme couple Ladurée
Deborah Landis as Femme couple Ladurée
Michael John Treanor as Glasgow Ranger
Yun-Ping He as Chinese Waiter
Jonas Dinal as Security Agent
Mounir Amamra as Mohamed 1
Mahamadou Saengare as Mohamed 2
Ladj Ly as Paoudré
Boris Gamthety as Zaïrois Chief
Alexis Manenti as Uber Driver
Joelle Hélary as Danny’s Girlfriend