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You Belong to Me (Columbia 1941, Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck)



In You Belong To Me, a rematch of The Lady Eve’s romantic pairing, idle millionaire Henry Fonda gets distracted by the sight of Barbara Stanwyck while skiing. The resulting accident brings Stanwyck, the local doctor, rushing to treat his injuries. The pair fall in love and marry, but because he has time on his hands, Fonda constantly badgers Stanwyck with jealous fantasies.

In order to save her marriage, Stanwyck pushes her husband into a job. When denounced for taking a low-level job from someone more deserving, Fonda finds a use for his money that’s beneficial for his marriage and the community.

Look for Lloyd Bridges in an early role as a member of the ski patrol. Bridges appeared in eleven films in 1941, including an uncredited role as a pilot in Here Comes Mr. Jordan.

production details
USA | Columbia | 94 minutes | 1941
Director: Wesley Ruggles
Script: Dalton Trumbo, Claude Binyon,

Edgar Buchanan as Billings
Mary Treen as Doris
Ruth Donnelly as Emma
Ellen Lowe as Eva
Jeff Corey as Mr. Greener
Barbara Stanwyck as Helen Hunt
Henry Fonda as Peter Kirk
Roger Clark as Frederick Vandemer
Melville Cooper as Moody
Ralph Peters as Joseph
Maude Eburne as Ella
Renie Riano as Minnie
Lloyd Bridges as Ski Patrol