48 Hours on ID: ‘Steven Smith: A Death in Murdaugh Country’ (Sunday, May 26, 2024)

48 Hours on ID

The Investigation Discovery channel presents an episode of 48 Hours, investigating the mysterious death of 19-year-old Stephen Smith and its potential connection to the influential Murdaugh family in South Carolina.

The episode, titled ‘Steven Smith: A Death in Murdaugh Country,’ explores the intriguing and complex story of Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old from Hampton County, South Carolina, whose death has sparked interest and speculation due to its mysterious circumstances and possible links to the prominent Murdaugh family. Smith’s body was discovered in July 2015, and his death was initially ruled a hit-and-run. However, the recent conviction of Alex Murdaugh for the murders of his wife and son has brought renewed attention to this cold case.

On July 8, 2015, Smith’s body was found on Sandy Run Road in Hampton County, with blunt force trauma to the head and other injuries. His car was discovered three miles away, and authorities initially believed he had been shot. However, the coroner’s office later determined that his death was caused by a hit-and-run incident.

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From the start, Smith’s case generated rumors and theories, including speculation that he may have been targeted because he was gay, or that he was in a secret relationship with Buster Murdaugh, the son of Alex Murdaugh. The Murdaugh name repeatedly surfaced in the investigation files, and the family’s personal injury lawyer, Randy Murdaugh, offered pro bono representation to the Smith family, which they found unusual.

Years later, in June 2021, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) made a significant announcement, revealing that they were reopening the investigation into Smith’s death due to information uncovered during the initial probe into the Murdaugh murders.

This development was welcomed by Smith’s mother, Sandy Smith, who had tirelessly sought answers and felt a sense of vindication. She had persistently reached out to various authorities and even crime television personality Nancy Grace, determined to bring attention to her son’s case.

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The connection to the high-profile Murdaugh murders attracted media scrutiny, bringing Smith’s story to a wider audience through outlets like CNN, the New York Post, HBO, and Dateline. Sandy Smith has become a source of support for other families in similar situations, guiding them through Freedom of Information Act requests. She has also received offers for book and podcast deals but chooses to wait until she has more concrete answers about her son’s death.

‘Steven Smith: A Death in Murdaugh Country’ not only explores the troubling case but also showcases a mother’s unwavering fight for justice. Sandy Smith has endured challenges and intimidation but remains resolute in her belief that her son was murdered.

48 Hours on ID: ‘Steven Smith: A Death in Murdaugh Country’ on Sunday, May 26, at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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