48 Hours: The Circleville Letters/The Fenn Treasure (CBS, Saturday, May 25, 2024)

48 Hours

On Saturday, May 25, CBS presents an encore double feature of 48 Hours, offering back-to-back investigations into intriguing true-crime mysteries. At 9:00 PM ET/PT, “The Circleville Letters” investigates the threatening letters that terrorized a small town in Ohio for nearly two decades. Then, at 10:00 PM ET/PT, “The Fenn Treasure” explores the dangerous quest for a hidden chest of riches worth an estimated $1 million.

In “The Circleville Letters,” veteran correspondent Erin Moriarty leads the investigation into the anonymous letters that exposed alleged secrets and triggered fear in Circleville, Ohio. For almost 20 years, a mysterious letter writer targeted neighbors and friends, sending threatening messages that exposed alleged secrets. The episode features interviews with experts who analyze the documents and offers a compelling insight into the true-crime mystery that haunted this small town.

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Following this, “The Fenn Treasure” takes viewers on a different kind of treasure hunt, one that began in 2010 when eccentric millionaire Forrest Fenn hid a valuable chest in the Rocky Mountains. The episode, featuring Tony Dokoupil, co-host of CBS Mornings, uncovers rarely seen photos and exclusive interviews related to the search for Fenn’s treasure. This quest captured the attention of many, but it also turned deadly, with several individuals losing their lives in their pursuit of the riches.

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These episodes of 48 Hours highlight the program’s enduring appeal, as it celebrates its 36th anniversary and maintains its position as Saturday’s #1 non-sports primetime program for the season, an achievement it has consistently accomplished for 18 consecutive seasons. This year has seen a significant increase in viewership through 7-day playback, adding over 1 million additional viewers 10 times this season, a remarkable first for the long-running series.

The encore presentations of 48 Hours: “The Circleville Letters” and “The Fenn Treasure” air on Saturday, May 25, starting at 9:00 PM ET/PT on CBS, and streaming on Paramount+.

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