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60 Minutes: Hong Kong and Hillsong airs Sun 19 Sep on 9



Under the spotlight on this Sunday’s 60 Minutes (8.30pm 9) Liam Bartlett looks at democracy in Hong Kong, while Tom Steinfort is looking at the Hillsong Church.

Hillsong Hell
What Brian and Bobby Houston have achieved is extraordinary. Over four decades they have turned their Australian Hillsong Church into an international sensation. The couple would probably credit Jesus Christ for their success, but having had celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kevin Durant linked to the organisation has undoubtedly helped. Lately though the halo on the carefully tuned Hillsong brand has been losing its lustre. Leader Brian Houston faces court next month to defend charges of concealing child sexual abuse, which he denies. And now a 60 Minutes investigation will reveal shocking accusations from two brave women who say they were assaulted by other Hillsong members. As Tom Steinfort reports, the victims believe the attacks were made even worse by the church’s response: indifference to their suffering so heartless it would surely make Jesus weep.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Thea Dikeos, Sammi Taylor

Game Over
It’s no wonder Australia, the United States and United Kingdom have been shoring up defence ties and beating their chests with multi-billion-dollar announcements about building nuclear-powered submarines. It’s all about countering China’s expansion, which at the moment seems to be progressing unhindered. And there’s no better example of the communist regime’s bullish ambition than what it is systematically destroying in Hong Kong. Democracy. The freewheeling spirit of the former British colony is being smashed into submission with brutal crackdowns, mass arrests and the end of free speech. Liam Bartlett explains it really is game over for pro-democracy activists who are now faced with a stark choice: either back Beijing or be punished.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producers: Garry McNab, Sammi Taylor

60 Minutes Sunday 19 September at 8:30pm on Nine.