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60 Minutes: Interview with the parents of Gabby Petito Sun 17 Oct on Channel 9



On this week’s 60 minutes.


The disappearance and murder of Gabby Petito, and the ongoing mystery surrounding the whereabouts of her fiancé Brian Laundrie, has been making headlines around the world for over a month. It’s a crime that remains just as inconceivable now as when it was first reported. How could a carefree young couple’s adventure travelling across the United States spiral so far out of control? And why wasn’t more done to protect Gabby when there were obvious signs she was in danger? In an Australian exclusive interview for 60 Minutes, Gabby’s heartbroken parents speak to Sarah Abo about their love for their precious daughter, their last contact with her, and their suspicions about what was really going on in her final days alive.

Reporter: Sarah Abo

Producers: Amelia Ballinger, Sheree Gibson


Fed up with how unsocial social media has become, more and more people are giving it the thumbs down. The multi-trillion-dollar industry likes to pretend it’s a caring friend, but there is now irrefutable evidence that it’s actually inflicting significant harm, especially on teenage users. And it’s Facebook accused of being the greatest offender. Last week a whistleblower made public reams of secret documents that revealed how Facebook prioritised profits over people’s well-being. The release of the Facebook files is so damaging it is being called social media’s big tobacco moment. But as Tom Steinfort reports, it’s really only the start of the company’s problems.

Reporter: Tom Steinfort

Producers: Madeleine Apps, Sammi Taylor

60 Minutes airs Sunday 17 October at 8.30pm on Channel 9 & 9NOW