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60 Minutes: Murder Under the Microscope airs Sun 29 Aug on 9



Sunday night’s 60 minutes on Channel 9 looks into a possible miscarriage of justice.

“Murder Under the Microscope”
According to the law, Kathleen Folbigg is the worst of the worst. A serial killer, rightly languishing in prison for taking the lives of her four babies, Caleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura. But what if it can now be proven she’s not a villain but a victim and has been locked up for the past 18 years for nothing? As Tara Brown reports, 90 of the world’s most respected scientists, medical practitioners and academics say there has been an enormous miscarriage of justice in this case.

The group, which includes two Nobel Laureates, is backing some extraordinary research, headed by a professor of immunology at the Australian National University, that has put the murders under the microscope and identified a rare genetic mutation inherited by two of the babies. The experts say this is breakthrough evidence that almost certainly explains the cause of the babies’ deaths. It is a stunning twist in this tragic story, but is it enough to overturn the findings of multiple court cases and judicial inquiries, and set Kathleen Folbigg free?
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Tracey Hannaford

60 Minutes: Murder Under the Microscope airs Sunday 29 August at 8.30pm on 9.