999: On the Front Line: Season 11 Episode 4 (More4, Sunday 26 May, 2024)

999: On The Front Line

The popular documentary series 999: On the Front Line returns with a brand new episode on More4, airing on Sunday, May 26, 2024. The episode offers a glimpse into the demanding and crucial work of paramedics with the West Midlands Ambulance Service during their 12-hour shift.

In this episode, the cameras capture the intense and challenging situations faced by the dedicated paramedic crews. A road traffic collision outside a school prompts a multi-emergency response, with the police and fire service already on the scene. The paramedics’ concern centres on the driver, whose blood pressure drops repeatedly, indicating potential internal bleeding.

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Meanwhile, a woman’s planned holiday is jeopardised when she falls and severely injures her arm while grocery shopping. The episode also showcases the impact of chemotherapy on a patient, who is struggling with persistent nausea. Additionally, a man with severe blood loss requires urgent hospital attention, and a five-month-old baby experiences breathing difficulties, worrying his midwife mother.

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From road accidents to medical emergencies, the episode presents a raw and insightful portrayal of the challenges faced by these paramedics on a daily basis.

999: On the Front Line, Season 11 Episode 4 airs on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on More4.

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