A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder: Series 1 Episode 2 (BBC Three, July 10, 2024)

A Good Girls Guide to Murder

The investigation intensifies as Pip and Ravi, now a formidable team, look into Andie’s life and uncover surprising secrets in the second episode of “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.”

The pair focus their attention on Andie’s closest friends, discovering a hidden side to her that Sal, her boyfriend, knew nothing about. As they peel back the layers of Andie’s life, they find themselves drawn into a complex web of secrets and lies.

Meanwhile, Pip receives an anonymous warning. Who is trying to deter her from the truth, and why?

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With new questions arising and the mystery deepening, Pip and Ravi’s quest for answers is far from over. Will they be able to unravel the truth behind Andie’s death, or will they, too, become entangled in the secrets of this small town?

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Series 1 Episode 2 is available now on BBC Three.

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