A League of Their Own: Mexican Road Trip: Episode 4 (Sky Max, June 11, 2024)

A League of Their Own

The adventure concludes in the fourth and final episode of A League of Their Own: Mexican Road Trip, airing on Sky Max on Tuesday, 11 June 2024. In this installment, the group reaches the final leg of their journey, arriving in the city of La Paz. Jamie, Jill, Micah, and Mo embark on a scuba diving expedition to photograph a sea lion colony. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when both dive boats malfunction, leaving them stranded in the open sea.

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As the group races against time to capture the perfect snapshot, the pressure mounts as the series hangs in the balance. Adding to the excitement, the final challenge takes our teams by storm as they take on the National Dance of Mexico. Who will rise to the occasion, and what unforgettable moments will unfold?

Episode 4 builds on the previous episodes’ light-hearted competitions and cultural explorations, showing off the beauty of Mexico and testing the teams’ adaptability. With each new challenge, the teams push themselves to the limit, embracing unique experiences and creating lasting memories.

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A League of Their Own: Mexican Road Trip, Episode 4 airs on Sky Max on Tuesday, 11 June 2024, at 21:00.

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