A Place in the Sun: Málaga – Lucy (Channel 4 Friday 14 June 2024)

A Place In The Sun

A Place in the Sun returns to Channel 4 with a new episode on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 4:00 p.m., as the series continues to bring sunshine and property dreams to viewers’ screens.

In this installment, presenter Jean Johansson travels to Málaga, a vibrant city in southern Spain, to assist Lucy, a fitness instructor from Ipswich, in her search for an ideal overseas property. Lucy’s fascination with Málaga began six years ago when she first visited the city and was captivated by its charm and the surrounding countryside. With her finances now in order, she is determined to turn her long-held dream of owning a home abroad into a reality, believing that Málaga is the perfect location.

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To make the most of her budget of £100,000, Lucy is joined by her best friend, Dave, who provides support and a fresh perspective during the property search. Jean has meticulously selected five promising options that align with Lucy’s criteria and budget. Each property has its unique features and advantages, but will any of them live up to Lucy’s expectations and earn the title of “perfect”?

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As Lucy and Dave explore each option, they discover the diverse attractions that Málaga has to offer. From picturesque countryside to vibrant city life, Málaga presents a blend of traditional Spanish culture and modern amenities. The episode captures the excitement and anticipation of house hunting in a foreign country, showcasing the challenges and rewards that come with finding the ideal place to call home.

Will Lucy find her dream property in Málaga? Will one of Jean’s carefully selected options tick all the boxes and secure the sale?

A Place in the Sun airs on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 4:00 pm on Channel 4.

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