Abandoned Engineering: Pirates of the North Sea (Yesterday, 10 June 2024)

Abandoned Engineering

The season 13 premiere of Abandoned Engineering explores four intriguing cases of abandoned structures across the globe. In Miami, a strange structure stands as a testament to unfulfilled dreams. Beirut’s glitzy high-rise finds itself entangled in the city’s brutal conflict. Pirates once sailed a vessel on a quiet English estuary, now a target for armed raiders. And an out-of-place curiosity in Japan falls victim to a web of corruption.

The episode, airing on Yesterday on Monday 10 June, uncovers the stories of abandoned engineering marvels, starting in the heart of a Miami suburb. Here, a unique structure reflects the ambitions of an American Renaissance man, only to descend into a nightmare. Across the globe, in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, a glamorous high-rise becomes caught in the crossfire of a brutal conflict ravaging the country.

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The journey continues to an English estuary, where a ship once crewed by fun-loving pirates has been left marooned and now faces the threat of armed raiders. The program also ventures to Japan, uncovering an out-of-place curiosity entangled in a devastating web of corruption.

Abandoned Engineering: Pirates of the North Sea airs Monday 10 June 2024 at 8:00 PM on Yesterday.

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