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ABC & The Arts, Connecting with Australians in 2022



2022 will see a rich array of content from ABC Arts which offers audiences an exciting, diverse and accessible showcase of new titles on ABC TV, ABC TV Plus and ABC iview.

The exceptional programming announced this afternoon at ABC Upfronts, will connect Australians to the arts and culture they love to engage with and will continue to provide a home for the national conversation around visual and performance art, books, films, music, craft and more.

Jimmy Rees introduces the amazing artists who bring history to life in miniature in Tiny Oz; Natalie Bassingthwaighte is out to discover if art can change lives in Space 22, in The Exhibitionists hosts Mandy McElhinney, Bridie Carter, Bessie Holland and Veronica Milsom, shine a spotlight on Australia’s feminist art history and Namila Benson returns in a new series of Art Works.

“No other Australian broadcaster comes anywhere near offering the depth and breadth of arts coverage that ABC does” said Jennifer Collins, The 2022 Arts slate demonstrates our commitment to the arts, whether it’s on ABC TV, ABC TV Plus or the extensive Arts & Culture collection on ABC iview, on the ABC listen app or through the daily arts offer on ABC RN, the nation comes to us for its Arts stories. “

More on the 2022 ABC Arts content below:

Namila Benson returns in 2022 with Art Works – the ABC’s weekly half-hour arts show that makes the arts for, and about everyone. With interviews with creatives from all backgrounds, playful explainers, and in-depth stories about art and artists from across Australia, Art Works puts the spotlight on creativity as an inherent part of our lives, from galleries, theatres and cinemas, to our homes.

 Tiny Oz (Northern Pictures) Celebrating history and craft in equal measure, comedian Jimmy Rees and tiny artist JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick reveal tiny Australia, through the extraordinary craftspeople who are working against pressures of time and scale, to lovingly obsess over teensy details, as they re-create remarkable moments in our nation’s history, in glorious miniature.

Space 22 (BBC Studios ANZ) Does creativity have the power to help reach into spaces that are beyond words?   Recording artist Natalie Bassingthwaighte believes so. Natalie will bring together seven strangers, each with their own mental health struggles, in an ambitious experiment to test if the simple act of participating in art can help heal invisible wounds.  Joining them and sharing their skills are well known Australian artists Abdul Abdulla, Wendy Sharpe and Eddie Perfect.

In Palazzo di Cozzo, (FilmCamp) octogenarian patriarch Franco Cozzo holds court over an iconic Melbourne furniture empire. His furniture has gained a cult status, but what will Franco do when the world, and his clientele, begin to move on without him?

Walking Man (VAM Media) explores the compelling story of the enigmatic Perth artist Ross Seaton, whose home became a canvas for the mysterious motivations that formed his life of artistic obsession.

The Exhibitionists (Northern Pictures) is an utterly original fusion of art immersion and comedy which uncovers scandalous tales of sexism in Australian art history while righting the wrongs of the past. It marks the zenith of ABC Arts’ Know My Name campaign, a collaboration with the National Gallery of Australia, which celebrates and raises awareness of women artists and creators. Know My Name has a permanent home on ABC iview, a curated collection on the ABC listen app and a range of thought-provoking new content across TV, radio and digital platforms.