Abused by Mum: The Ruby Franke Scandal (Channel 5 Monday 13 May, 2024)

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The dark truth behind Ruby Franke’s online persona is revealed in True Crime doco Abused by Mum: The Ruby Franke Scandal. From perfect mum to jailed abuser, this film exposes the chilling reality of a social media star’s double life.

With millions of followers hanging on her every post, Ruby Franke seemed to have it all. Her “8 Passengers” channel, co-run with husband Kevin, offered an intimate glimpse into their family life with their six children. But this seemingly all-American mom’s online empire concealed a disturbing secret.

As Ruby’s harsh parenting methods sparked concern among her fans, a sinister dynamic emerged with therapist Jodi Hildebrandt. Ruby’s growing influence took a dark turn as she cut ties with her extended family, entering a toxic business partnership with Jodi that exploited her online platform.

The night of August 30, 2023, marked a chilling turning point. Ruby’s son, fleeing from home, bravely alerted a neighbour to the unthinkable abuse inflicted by his mother. A dramatic police raid ensued, exposing a web of deceit and leading to the arrest of both Ruby and Jodi.

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Featuring never-before-seen police bodycam footage and interviews with law enforcement, journalists, and friends of the Franke family, this film explores the shocking transformation of a social media sensation into a convicted child abuser.

Don’t miss Abused by Mum: The Ruby Franke Scandal, airing on Channel 5 at 10 pm on Monday, 13 May 2024.

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