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Acorn TV Australia November 2022 Highlights



Image Credit: Acorn TV

Acorn TV Australia November 2022 Highlights…

Whitstable Pearl (Season 2)

Acorn TV Original. New Season Premieres Monday 28 November with two episodes; two episodes continue weekly.

Based on the popular book series by Julie Wassmer, the second season of Whitstable Pearl finds Pearl (Kerry GoldimanAfter Life) prioritising her detective work and transitioning from being a chef who solves crimes, to a full-time investigator who just happens to own a restaurant – the eponymous Whitstable Pearl. Pearl’s cases overlap with DCI Mike McGuire’s (Howard CharlesShadow and Bone, Top Boy) police investigations. Their relationship is charged by a determination to outdo each other, and a fiery mutual attraction. When they compete, sparks fly and tempers flare. When they work together, they make a hell of a team.

Transport (Season 1)

Acorn TV Exclusive. Premieres Monday 28 November with full series available to binge.

Following a tale of ordinary people under immense pressure,Transport takes us into the world of money laundering and food fraud along the roads and wires of Europe.

A young journalist is determined to trace the origin of a microchip found in some baby food in Helsinki. A dutiful bank manager makes a mistake and when she fails in her attempts to cover it up, she falls prey to a much larger scheme. A family is falling apart after their father has gone missing. An insurance investigator insists on getting to the truth about what happened to this border control veterinarian. They all have skin in the game – but what’s the connection?

The Finnish series stars Emmi Parviainen, Maria Heiskanen, Pirkko Hämäläinen, ArttuKapulainen, Antti VirmavirtaUlla Raitio and Kaija Pakarinen.

Poquelin & De Beaumont

Acorn TV Exclusive. Premieres Monday 14 November with four films available.

Detective Louise Poquelin (Clémentine Célarié) is a single mother, who works tirelessly to balance her all-important career and busy family life. When she is entrusted with a murder investigation in Lille, Poquelin must team up with a new partner, Detective Etienne De Beaumont (Joffrey Platel), a well-to-do cop with aristocratic origins. They may have completely different personalities and clash both culturally and socially, but their differences prove to be a major asset.

In subsequent investigations, Louise and Etienne delve into a suspicious suicide at a boarding school, the murder of a crime fiction novelist with no end of suspects and the stabbing of an eco-protester on a local farm.

My Life is Murder (Season 3)

Acorn TV Original. Final two episodes arrive Monday 7 November with full season available to binge.

Retired detective Alexa Crowe (Lucy LawlessSpartacus, Xena: Warrior Princess) moved back to her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to bake amazing sourdough and reconnect with her ex-con brother (Martin HendersonVirgin River). But this irrepressible investigator can’t help poking her nose into bizarre murder cases, with assistance from data analyst Madison (Ebony Vagulans), DI Harry Henare (Rawiri Jobe), and café owner Reuben (Joseph Naufahu).

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