Adam Richman Eats Britain, 29 April 2024, Food Network, “Cheddar”

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In the latest episode of Adam Richman Eats Britain, airing on Food Network on April 29, 2024, the food explorer embarks on a quest to uncover the delights of Cheddar, the iconic British cheese with a namesake village. This episode is part of Richman’s culinary tour of Britain, where he visits places that share their names with famous foods.

Richman’s journey takes him to the village of Cheddar, located in Somerset, where he explores the origins of the world-renowned cheese. He delves into the history, ingredients, and secrets of this beloved local delicacy. The village, with its picturesque gorge and caves, provides the perfect backdrop for Richman’s culinary adventure.

While Cheddar takes center stage in this episode, Richman’s culinary explorations extend further. He visits Aberdeen, known for its fine steak restaurants and award-winning meat pies. He also samples the local seafood in Whitstable, Kent, and enjoys the unique experience of molecular gastronomy at a tavern in Thurlestone.

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Richman, known for his previous show Man v. Food, describes his new series as a “love letter” to Britain. He aims to shed light on the globally misunderstood and unfairly maligned realm of British cuisine. Richman celebrates the diversity of British food, highlighting the influence of South Asian, African, and West Indian cuisines. He embraces the local ingredients and supports the resilience of the British hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his travels, Richman uncovers culinary gems, like the quiche in Langport, Somerset, which he ranks among the top ten dishes he has ever tasted. He also praises the egusi stew and tape tape plantain, a Cameroonian dish he enjoys in Derbyshire. Richman’s journey is not just about food but also about celebrating the people and stories behind these delicious creations.

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Richman uses the British map as his menu, allowing him to explore the local namesakes and treats each place has to offer. From Sandwich to Scone, Bakewell to Aberdeen, Richman meets brilliant chefs and food creators, learning their stories and discovering the unique flavors that make British cuisine so special.

Adam Richman Eats Britain: Cheddar airs on Food Network at 9.00 pm on Monday, 29 April 2024.

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