“Ade: My Week in the Whitest Place on Earth” New for Channel 4



"Ade: My Week in the Whitest Place on Earth" New for Channel 4

“Ade: My Week in the Whitest Place on Earth” New for Channel 4

Ade Adepitan’s documentary, Ade: My Week in the Whitest Place on Earth (w/t), has been commissioned by Channel 4 and will examine one of the world’s most extreme communities.

What is the documentary about

For the first time in the decades since the end of apartheid, Ade Adepitan ventures deep into rural South Africa to learn more about the region outside the “whites only” town of Orania. Orania was established in the 1990s as a “safe haven” for Afrikaners, the white descendants of European settlers, and it continues to welcome only white Afrikaners.

Adepitan, who was born in Nigeria, has been invited by locals to spend a week in Orania, a town adorned with memorials to apartheid leaders like Hendrik “the architect of apartheid” Verwoerd. Ade embarks on a quest as he gets to know the locals to discover their beliefs and the motivations behind their continued practise of racial segregation. Many locals see the Oranian way of life not as racist but as a cultural project designed to preserve the Afrikaners’ way of life and heritage.

What does Ade say

Ade Adepitan said: “I learnt a lot making this film. Through my work I have been fortunate to have encountered many different cultures and environments around the world, but the personal experience I had making this film really opened my eyes. It was extremely challenging and thought-provoking, but I think it’s crucial we highlight alternative points of view and engage with people whose beliefs are different from our own, and we’re grateful to the community for openly and honestly engaging with our documentary.”

Who is making the documentary

Ade: My Week in the Whitest Place on Earth (w/t) is a 1×60’ produced by Cardiff Productions/Motion Content Group. It was commissioned for Channel 4 by Daniel Fromm, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment. The Executive Producer for Cardiff Productions is Narinder Minhas, the Producer/Director is Dominic Ozanne and the Line Producer is Lindsay Davies. The Executive Producer for Motion Content Group is Deep Sehgal, and the Head of Production is Caroline Bourne.

Image Credit: Channel 4

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