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A+E Networks UK Commissions I Am A Stalker Series From The Team Behind I Am A Killer for Crime+Investigation



Following on from the success of its I Am A Killer series, Crime + Investigation® and Transistor Films are extending the franchise to one of the fastest rising crime phenomena. I Am A Stalker is a co-production with Netflix, and it is scheduled to premiere in the UK on Crime + Investigation in 2022.

Approximately 1.4 million people are stalked every year in the U.S. alone, ranging from intrusive behaviour to the most severe and sometimes fatal attacks.

In I Am A Stalker convicted stalkers tell us, in their own chilling words, how love turned into deadly obsession in face first, captivating in-depth interviews.

From the makers of I Am a Killer, I Am A Stalker takes viewers inside the minds of 8 individuals with a history of being stalkers. The perpetrators will tell their story from their perspective in a thought-provoking, and emotionally confrontational style that also features first person testimony from their courageous victims who survived these shocking crimes.

The series covers a variety of stalking cases, from disgruntled exes and co-workers infatuated with their colleagues, to virtual strangers.

I Am A Stalker has been ordered by Dan Korn, VP of Programming at A+E Networks® UK, and Diana Carter, Commissioning Editor and Head of Talent at A+E Networks UK.

Diana Carter said: “I Am A Killer was a captivating and unsettling series that put viewers face to face with murderers and was incredibly well received by our knowledgeable and passionate audience. We’re confident that I Am a Stalker will prove to be as popular with Crime+Investigation viewers as we’re taken into the mind of people who have committed the most bizarre of crimes.”

Executive Producers for Transistor Films are Danny Tipping and Ned Parker. Zoe Hines is the Series Producer.

Danny Tipping, Creative Director at Transistor Films, said: ‘This is an extremely important and challenging series and one we are very grateful that A+E and Netflix have allowed us to make. The team are working to deliver the most revealing portrait of this incredibly complex subject ever undertaken for television and we hope it inspires as much debate as I Am A Killer does”.