A&E’s Special “The Torso Killer Confessions” Premieres March 10



The Torso Killer Confessions

Tri-State Area’s Notorious Serial Killer Richard Cottingham Confesses to Long-Unsolved Murder in A&E’s Latest Special “The Torso Killer Confessions”

Richard Cottingham, also known as the “Torso Killer,” is responsible for the murder of several young women in the New York City and New Jersey area during the late 1960s until his arrest in 1980. He was convicted and is currently serving five life sentences, but he was suspected to be connected to a dozen other cold case murders and claimed to have killed over a hundred women.

In A&E’s latest special “The Torso Killer Confessions,” Detective Robert Anzilotti shares his decades-long relationship with Cottingham, resulting in new confessions, including the oldest confirmed killing attributed to Cottingham, which was the never-solved murder of Mary Ann Della Sala in January 1967.

The special features exclusive footage of Anzilotti and Cottingham, never-before-seen photos, and interviews with friends and family of Cottingham’s victims. It also includes never-before-heard audio tapes of their conversations as well as multiple confessions from Cottingham regarding his recent headline-making killings, never heard on tape. Through the partnership with Detective Anzilotti and the gathered materials, A&E’s “The Torso Killer Confessions” provides rare insight into the unrelenting journey for the truth about Cottingham’s notorious crimes

“‘The Torso Killer Confessions’ is a prime example of A&E’s ability to continually lead within the true crime genre with bold and powerful storytelling,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP, and Head of Programming for A&E. “We are proud to share these stories of long-awaited justice and bring to light new details about a case many thought they knew.”

Serial killer Richard Cottingham, aka the “Torso Killer,” terrorized the New York City and New Jersey area from the late 1960s until his capture in 1980. Cottingham claimed to have murdered more than 100 women, and he is currently serving five life terms for his offenses. In “The Torso Killer Confessions,” we follow detective Robert Anzilotti as he spends decades speaking with Cottingham in an effort to solve several of these murders. Anzilotti spent years getting to know the serial killer and eventually managed to force seven more confessions out of him, but he was unable to release his findings to the public until 2021. The series includes audio of these interrogations and confessions, which have never before been heard publicly. The show includes never-before-seen images of Anzilotti and Cottingham, interviews with law enforcement and friends and relatives of multiple victims, and rare film of the two men.

“The Torso Killer Confessions” is produced by Cineflix Productions in association with A&E Network. Jacqueline Bynon, Robert Anzilotti, J.C. Mills, and Sherri Rufh serve as executive producers. Executive producers for A&E Network are Elaine Frontain Bryant, Brad Abramson, and Maitee Cueva.

“The Torso Killer Confessions” will be available on demand and to stream on the A&E App and

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