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Agent Carter Season 2 – new villain Madame Masque won’t be wearing a mask



Marvel’s Agent Carter, which premieres on ABC on 19 January 2016, is all set to confront Peggy (played by the fabulous Hayley Atwell) with a new villain, one that comic book fans will be familiar with too – even if she doesn’t look quite how they expect her too.

Madame Masque aka Whitney Frost (played by Wynn Everett) won’t be the metal masked character from the comics, instead this Whitney is a socialite and actress. Her back history is the same though, born Giuletta Nefaria and given up by her bad guy father so she can avoid a life of crime.

Speaking recently to /Film exec producer Tara Butters had this to say about the differences between comic book and series “I think we’ve changed the look of her a bit obviously. We’ve made her an actress, which is very Hedy Lamar. She was a ’40s siren actress who was also a scientific genius, so that’s part of what we’re mining with this character.”

Butters also told the ABC that the series is all about strong women “We kind of look at two very different roles between Whitney and Peggy. And how both of them kind of find their own power and how two strong women can end up on two totally different tracks.”

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