Alan Partridge Returns to BBC with And Did Those Feet…

The Iconic Comedy Character Tackles Mental Health and the State of the Nation. Steve Coogan reprises his role as Alan Partridge in a new BBC documentary series with a unique twist.

And Did Those Feet Alan Partridge
And Did Those Feet... With Alan Partridge. Image Credit: BBC/Baby Cow

The inimitable Alan Partridge is back, and this time he’s taking on a new challenge—exploring mental health and the state of the nation in the brand-new documentary-style series And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan reprises his role as the iconic broadcaster, and the series is written and directed by Coogan, Neil Gibbons, and Rob Gibbons. Filming is currently underway, and the six-part series will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

In this series, Alan returns to the UK after a year in Saudi Arabia, but instead of the expected happiness, he finds himself feeling a sense of unease. What begins as a documentary about his homecoming evolves into a personal journey as Alan tries to understand his unexpected emotional state. Over six episodes, Alan explores various aspects of life, from work and relationships to nature and leisure, in a quest to find balance and wellbeing.

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And Did Those Feet… is a spoof documentary in the style of This Time with Alan Partridge, but it also has a serious message. The series aims to address mental wellness, with Alan potentially becoming an unlikely “mental health champion for the middle-aged.”

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Steve Coogan, in character as Alan Partridge, said: “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys extensive natural resources and economic growth in various sectors, yet I still felt a sense of incompleteness.”

Jon Petrie, BBC Director of Comedy Commissioning, praised the new series, saying: “Alan Partridge is the most iconic comedy character in the UK… This unflinching look at the state of the UK through Alan’s eyes promises to add more brilliance to the Partridge canon.”

And Did Those Feet… with Alan Partridge is produced by Baby Cow for BBC One and is expected to air in 2025.

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