Aldi’s Next Big Thing, 23 April 2024, Channel 4, “Confectionery Creations”

Channel 4 Give "Aldi’s Next Big Thing" Second Series

In tonight’s episode of Aldi’s Next Big Thing, the focus shifts to confectionery as a new batch of artisan producers pitch their innovative creations to secure a life-changing contract with Aldi. With a Willy Wonka-esque theme, this episode promises to delight viewers with unique treats that blend unexpected ingredients and cater to diverse tastes.

The episode, airing on Channel 4 on Tuesday 23 April, will feature four small-time food and drink makers who have developed intriguing products that challenge traditional confectionery concepts. First up is a producer who has created a cocoa-free bar, offering a unique twist on the classic chocolate bar. This entrant aims to revolutionize the confectionery world by eliminating cocoa, which is commonly perceived as the star ingredient in chocolate.

Next, we meet a company that has developed a protein chocolate bar with a difference. This product promises not just to satisfy sweet cravings but also to contribute to one’s beauty and wellness goals. It will be fascinating to see the judges’ reactions to this unconventional approach to chocolate, which often carries an indulgent reputation.

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A producer has crafted a super-strong CBD gummy. With the rising popularity of CBD-infused products, this entrant aims to capitalize on the trend and offer consumers a unique way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD. The judges will evaluate not only the taste but also the effectiveness and safety of this innovative treat.

Last but not least, a traditional sweet makes a modern comeback with a special toffee cauldron. This producer has reimagined a classic confectionery item, adding a magical twist that is sure to appeal to fans of fantasy and nostalgia.

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Aldi’s Next Big Thing continues to deliver on its promise of showcasing exciting and original products from ambitious British suppliers. With only one winner per episode, the competition is fierce, and the judges have their work cut out for them.

Aldi’s Next Big Thing airs on Channel 4 at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 23 April 2024.

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