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Alex Duggan Wins Channel 10’s The Traitors



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She came as a Faithful. She killed as a Traitor. She conquered the game.

The Traitors’ inaugural Australian series was won by South Australian Alex Duggan. Here’s how, through her Logie Award-winning tears, she cleverly cheated her way to $250,000…

The final four competitors—the Faithfuls Craig and Lewis, and the Traitors Kate and Alex—abseiled down a terrifying waterfall to obtain the silver bars in an all-or-nothing challenge, raising the total prize pool to $250,000.

Alex had her sights set on Kate during the hustle. She chose to collaborate with Craig, one of the two remaining Faithful, and after much convincing, Craig agreed. Kate was meanwhile focusing on Alex. Faithful Lewis thought the only person he could trust was Kate. Alex was the top suspect, which was ideal for Kate’s ruse. When Craig informed Alex and Kate that Lewis was aiming for Alex, Kate’s plans fell through.

In the final Banishment Ceremony, the votes piled on Lewis, who revealed he was indeed a Faithful. Yes, Craig, you sweet, sweet man, the girls have been playing you.

Then it was time for the Traitor showdown we’d been waiting for, with both Alex and Kate pleading their case with Craig to take them to the end game.

In the end game, Alex, Kate and Craig had to decide whether to share the winnings or go to a final vote to banish who they thought was the Traitor. Unanimously choosing to vote, Alex’s crocodile tears worked overtime on Craig, which led to Traitor Kate being banished.

Craig was thrilled thinking he had nabbed himself the last Traitor, but when Alex revealed to him that she was actually a Traitor, Australia saw Craig’s heart break. He was duped, and Alex was $250,000 richer. Don’t hate the player, love the game!