Alone Australia: Season 2 Reunion Special Hosted by Hamish Blake to Air on SBS

Alone Australia Season 2 Cast

Australian comedian and television presenter Hamish Blake is set to host the reunion special for Alone Australia Season 2, bringing together the cast of the popular survival reality show for the first time since their journey into the wild terrain of New Zealand’s South Island. The special will air on SBS and SBS On Demand on Wednesday, May 29 at 8:30 p.m., following the highly anticipated season finale at 7:30 p.m.

Alone Australia, an adaptation of the successful American series Alone, has won over audiences across the country, becoming the most-watched show on SBS this year. The series follows a group of contestants who are dropped into remote locations and must survive using only their wits and limited resources. The show is renowned for its intense physical and mental challenges, as participants push themselves to the limit in their quest for survival.

The one-hour reunion special, titled Alone Australia Season 2: The Reunion, will see the entire cast, including Andreas, Chace, Jack, Jason, Krzysztof, Leanne, Mike, Rick, Suzan, and Tamika, reunite to share their experiences and reflect on their time in the wild. The special will be a treat for fans who have followed the cast’s journey, offering a unique perspective on their individual strategies, struggles, and never-before-seen footage of their time in the rugged wilderness.

Blake, a self-proclaimed “superfan” of the show, expressed his excitement and admiration for the contestants, stating that he is eager to ask them questions that viewers have been pondering from the comfort of their couches. “I hope our conversation has far more trouts than eels in it,” Blake added, referencing the show’s iconic moments.

ITV Studios Australia’s Chief Content Officer, Beth Hart, shared similar sentiments, promising that the reunion show is like “the ferro rod in your backpack – you can’t finish the series without it.” Hart emphasized that the special event will provide unmissable insights into the participants’ strategies and decision-making, along with jaw-dropping revelations from the cast.

The Alone Australia reunion special is set to be a highlight for fans of the series, offering a unique perspective on one of the biggest TV hits of 2024.

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