Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed: La Doncella: On The Mountaintop (Nat Geo UK, Sunday, 12 May 2024)

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National Geographic’s Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed uncovers the world’s most fascinating ancient human remains, and in the episode “La Doncella: On The Mountaintop,” the story of a frozen Inca mummy discovered in Argentina is explored.

This episode, airing on Sunday 12 May, centers on the mummy of an Inca teenage girl, nicknamed La Doncella, which translates to “The Maiden.” She was found in 1999 on the peak of Llullaillaco, a volcano situated in the Andes Mountains on the border of Argentina and Chile. It is believed that La Doncella and two other children were left on the mountaintop as part of a ritual sacrifice to the gods over 500 years ago.

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Due to the cold and dry conditions of the mountain, the children’s bodies were exceptionally well-preserved. La Doncella still had fragments of coca leaves in her mouth, suggesting she may have been chewing them before her death. She was dressed in a ceremonial tunic and wore a headpiece, indicating her role as a messenger to the heavens in the Inca culture.

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La Doncella: On The Mountaintop” explores the mysteries surrounding La Doncella’s life and death while also providing valuable insights into ancient Inca culture and their religious rituals.

Ancient Bodies: Secrets Revealed: La Doncella: On The Mountaintop airs on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 8:00 PM on National Geographic UK , offering viewers a chance to explore the mysteries of our ancient ancestors.

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