Austin: Series 1, Episode 2 (ABC Australia, Sunday, June 16, 8:00 p.m.)

Austin ABC Australia

In the second episode of Austin, Julian (Ben Miller) finds himself in a tricky situation as his agent and a PR spin doctor suggest that Austin (Michael Theo), the autistic son he never knew he had, could be the key to salvaging his career. They propose a heartwarming documentary as the perfect PR strategy.

Julian takes their advice and arranges a lunch at Austin’s home, hoping to bond with his son and begin his path to public redemption. However, the lunch takes an awkward turn when Austin’s mother, Mel (Gia Carides), and Ingrid (Sally Phillips) have an uncomfortable exchange, revealing that Julian was involved with both women simultaneously.

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At the lunch table, Austin is eager to get to know his father and seeks clarification on the inconsistencies in Julian’s Wikipedia page. He also directly asks Julian about his relationship with his mother.

Back at the hotel, Ingrid is determined to get even with Julian for his infidelity and heads to the hotel bar.

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Comedy series Austin is about Julian Hartswood, a wealthy and acclaimed British children’s author, who faces a sudden downfall when he reposts a tweet from a white supremacist. His problems escalate when Austin, a neurodivergent young man, introduces himself as Julian’s son at a book signing in Canberra.

Austin, Series 1, Episode 2 airs on Sunday, June 16 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC Australia.

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